ONLY Parachord

I've been working with parachord for about 20 years, mostly till now, bracelets.  About 6 months ago, I made my first FLOGGER!!  It was funny looking and a bit misshaped, but ... it was TOTALLY AWESOME!!  LOL ... I then found myself wondering what else could be made.

And so it began.

I now make Floggers, bracelets, necklaces (chokers), monkey fists.  I'm hoping to add Dragon Tails and Whips soon to those things that I am offering.

I even have a special flogger for those Masochists among us ... LOL.  Made out of the insides of the parachord, it offers NO pain whatsoever.  The perfect punishment for a naughty Masochist.

The only thing anything I make is made out of is ... PARACHORD!!


Next Steps...

I will soon have a catalog available to go thru.  For now, if you have a color you prefer, email me with your request.  Special requests are a bit more.  Email for details.