Our Approach

We approach the parachord to use everything from each strand to make things like bracelets and Floggers.  There is nothing wasted and very little thrown away unless it's so small a piece that there just is no place for it.  You will never find wood or metal in our products.

Our Story

I personally began working with parachord over two decades ago.  I made my first bracelet and found it lasted a LOT longer than those I could purchase at a store.  The time it took to make, made it a better idea than wasting money on one that was so massed produced that quality often suffers.

Meet the Team

There are three of us, SirsHouseElf (me), SmexyWoman and KellyOnTheRun.  We met on FetLife and became friends/Family.  From there it was easy to come together to work with the parachord together and made something worth having.



Founder & CEO

54 year old (29 Plus Shipping and Handling) consensual, owned slave and mom to one son.



Product Designer

Coming Soon



Product Designer

Coming Soon

Next Steps...

Soon there will be a catalog showing more product and services.  For now, if you have something you only saw at an event, but you didn't think to get it then, contact us and we'll see what we can do to accommodate.