Parachord bracelets

The very first thing I ever made out of parachord.  The only thing I actually still do just because I can and strictly for enjoyment.  However, I do sell them on occasion and those and the other things I make out of parachord are listed here for your enjoyment.

I keep it simple stupid and basic.  You may choose the color you like and I'll take about a day to get it done.  I ship all over the Continental US for a very minimal fee.

16 to 21 inch floggers.

Parachord Floggers

There are different varieties and ways of doing these floggers.  From the stingy feeling to the thuddy.  From tied to straight strands.  Each one is done by hand, by me.  I have no theme, no pattern.  Just what I see in my mine.

Each one is ONE OF A KIND.  There are no two of them that are alike.  You will own and use an original.  Come to our Products listing Page for more information about cost.

Monkey Fists!!

Monkey Fists

These are very difficult for me to manage on my own.  I have an issue with my hands (I have MS and my fingers are numb).  I do my best to make them myself but ...

Sometimes I do indeed have help and am very appreciative of that help.  I require  you select the color you want.  That's it, after that, it takes about a day to get the Monkey Fist done for you.

Handcream photo

Skin Cream

I made these creams by hand and very individually.  They have a basic base of Aquaphor and essential oil.  The scents vary based on need and desire.  You pic the scent and I'll mix you a nice cream for both pre-care and after-care.  

There are three other ingrediants, though those are my own blend that makes these creams special and mine.  You give me the scent you like and I'll make you a personalized cream.

Before mixing, I ask if you have any allergies ... always.

Next Steps...

So ... As with every other page, here we go telling you - if you see something you like or have something in your mind that you want to see in parachord, contact us.  We will see what we can do to accommodate your wants.